Following Jesus In The Straight And Narrow Path

Believers know that following Christ is a decision one has to make once, yet a daily commitment to embrace. The invitation of Jesus to follow Him was a summon for all men and women to walk with the only source of true light in this dark world, and He said it’s not going to be easy.

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On the night Jesus was betrayed, His disciples fled one by one, even Peter who said he will never forsake his Lord— proof that following Christ isn’t easy. Jesus said in the Gospel of Matthew that one must love Him more than he or she would love anything and anyone in this world, for if they love them more than they love Him, they are not worthy of Him. These words may seem a little harsh, but the Word of the Lord is always living and active, sharper than any double-edged sword.

If Jesus is one’s top priority in every area of one’s life, He becomes everything. The truth is, He is everything. The road is straight and narrow for there can never be a “halfway” disciple—Jesus isn’t pleased with lukewarm Christians. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to dwell in the hearts of His people for He knew it would be hard to follow Him completely. He is faithful to keep His children close, making sure they walk on the right path giving the Holy Spirit to help them.

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Following Jesus means striving to be like Him; daily dreams and decisions must be Christ-centered and Spirit-breathed, and every follower must be fully dependent on Him.

Westside Family Church is more than just an organization. It is a community with a life centered around Jesus, believing that everyone should live by serving the community while growing in faith in God. For more on the Westside Family Church, click here.


Unconditional love and forgiveness through Jesus

Every person needs to feel accepted, loved, and forgiven. However, not one person will be able to feel all these, unless he learns about the goodness of Jesus. Unconditional love is hard to give. If one commits to giving it to his brother, he is a true testimony of God’s unconditional love to him; one cannot give what he doesn’t have.

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Forgiveness is not easy to give, especially when a person was badly hurt by the other. It is a choice and not a feeling. Sometimes, it is even harder to forgive oneself. Jesus offers forgiveness to those who ask for it and are willing to repent and turn from their sins. When He was taken by the soldiers and was about to be crucified, Peter denied Him, yet He was able to forgive him and restore Peter’s life. It says in the Bible in Ephesians 4, verse 32, “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.”

Unconditional love

It is important to understand that love for God is the foundation of unconditional love. People fail in this aspect because they try to love others with their own kind of love. Peter had loved Jesus with his own love, causing him to deny Him when he was asked if he’s one of the disciples. Jesus is the embodiment of love. He is everything Paul was telling the church about when he wrote 1 Corinthians 13:4-7:

Unconditional love and forgiveness are strongly connected to each other. In every season of the soul, these two are needed—either to be given or to be received.

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Westside Family Church accepts everyone. It is a community with a life centered on Jesus, and believes that faith in God and Jesus Christ is a continuing process. Westside Family Church is a community that’s willing to accompany everyone in that journey. For more information on its activities, visit this page.

Father To The Fatherless: How God Cares For The Orphans

God goes by many names, such as Healer, Savior, Banner, Provider, and more. But one of the characters that He loves revealing Himself as is that He is a Father. Everyone knows the irreplaceable importance of a father in a family. Fathers are seen as the pillar of the family and support the family in different ways.

Sadly, some children have no one to call as their father, orphaned at some point their life. While they do not have the privilege of feeling the love of an earthly father, the Heavenly Father has many promises for them, as written in the Scripture.

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God assures orphans that He cares for them very deeply. Psalm 68:5 states, “A Father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in His holy dwelling.” And He has also promised them that He is a present help in time of need, as the latter part of Psalm 10:4 reads, “to You the helpless commits himself; You have been the helper of the fatherless.”

Furthermore, the Word of God charges His people to provide care for the orphans, which is why many churches and religious institutions develop programs for these young ones. As it is written in James 1:27, “Religion that is pure and undefiled before God the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction and to keep oneself unstained from the world.”

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Westside Family Church demonstrates a real heart for the orphans by adopting children and equipping families to provide foster care not only in the church’s hometown of Lenexa, KS, but also in different countries, such as South Africa, Thailand, and India. For more Biblical inspirations, subscribe to this Twitter page.

The Role Doubt Plays in Christian Faith

We are not alone in doubting our faith. Many disciples and followers of the Lord went through a period of doubt, in both the Old and New Testaments – from Adam, Eve, Abraham, Jonah, and Moses to John the Baptist, Saint Thomas, and many other apostles.

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Most of Jesus’ followers turned away from him, yet he didn’t give up on any of them. Until they eventually cast away their own doubts. God created man and gave him free will, and with it the ability to both be certain and in doubt. We should face this indecision, if our faith were to become stronger. This begins with asking questions and humbling ourselves before God. The goal is humility over certainty, inquiry rather than inquisition.

It’s important that we explore our doubts both with intellectual rigor and faith. Prevalent questions like, “Is Jesus dead?” or “How can God be good if He takes away my mother?” or “Does God bring good people to hell?” should be addressed with the help of your family and church, and with a great amount of sensitivity and Biblical understanding.

Asking questions is how God prepares us to relay his love and teach others. Our own doubts can be painful experiences, but He gives us this thirst for knowledge for a reason. His truth will eventually prevail. Just as it was written in 1 Peter 3:15, when the disciples asked believers of Jesus to explain why they have hope. Because it is in asking questions that we begin the search for answers and the pursuit of that road toward hope, which is nothing if not our inviolable faith.

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In Westside Family Church, everyone is accepted. One of the important objectives of this Lenexa, KS organization is to help everyone achieve a higher degree of faith in God and Jesus Christ. For more on its advocacies and missions, drop by this website.

Understanding the biblical definition of leadership

The Bible’s view on leadership may seem different from what believers witness in their daily lives. Instead of leading to obtain a position that empowers one to order others around, the scriptures teach that the first should be last and that whoever wants to lead must be like a servant.

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Exemplified by Jesus himself in the gospel, servant leadership is more than just getting perks and respect that come with the position. It also comes with a cost that requires a person to care for those who might be in need of guidance. It involves putting oneself last for the good of others.

In a competitive workplace, obeying this command from the Lord Jesus can be challenging. In a context where position means power, it can sometimes be difficult to think of another person. However, as the gospels have shown, it is still possible to lead while being the servant of all. Before Jesus was crucified, he invested in the lives of his disciples. He taught and trained them for ministry day and night. Though he knows that he is the Son of God, he healed, taught, and trained people from all walks of life. His genuine friendship with people gave them comfort and strengthened their faith.

Being a servant leader allows a person to lift others up through their influence. It also makes them aware of what is going on in the world around them. When Jesus said that a leader must be like a servant, he did not mean for them to become suffering slaves. Perhaps he also wanted his people to experience the joy in seeing others grow to become individuals with purpose. He might have intended this to build up a community of people who strengthen each other.

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Westside Family Church members are committed and empowered to serve like Jesus. Its Care Network provides effective and loving care that includes professional counseling, lifelines support groups, Stephen ministry, funeral assistance and grief care, wedding preparation, member support, and prayer. Visit this page for updates.

True wealth by living for Christ and others

As Jesus preached, people should not be preoccupied with collecting treasures on earth. Wealth and material things, while necessary in the right amounts, are ultimately temporary; putting it simply, people can’t take it with them when they go to meet their Maker.

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Moreover, given that people truly do not know how long they have left to live, the single-minded pursuit of material wealth and recognition may ultimately be futile distractions to what matters in life, which can be short or drawn out.

When people put themselves and their material things above God, they end up living empty, meaningless lives, ironically making them paupers amid plenty. And this doesn’t just go to the wasteful rich man of the Lord’s parable who dies after planning his warehouse’s expansion.

A person can live an abundant, long life, and still have it rendered hollow by materialism and sin. Individuals who are preoccupied with material things (and be willing to disregard others to get them) would live a life without satisfaction, as the pleasures of this world are fleeting.

Likewise, a person may not have much in their lives. In some cases, they may not have the things that many other people take for granted every day, but because they lived lives dedicated to God and others, they are fondly remembered and honored upon their passing. Moreover, by living in service to God and others, they may find that what they truly want was with them all along, and be content with their share.

Heavenly treasure, as Christ taught, never rusts, can never be stolen, and is there forever. All it takes to accumulate it, and the happiness and contentment it brings, is to live a life centered on a living faith in Christ and service toward others.

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Westside Family Church believes in promoting a living faith in Christ that requires not only worship but also service to the people of the community. Visit this website for more on the church and its community initiatives.

Westside Family Church: Reaching Out “One Life” At a Time

Countless children are exposed to the harsh realities of life.

Each year, the world sees more than 11 million impoverished children die of starvation. Those who avoid death, on the other hand, suffer from cognitive deficits because of malnutrition.

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Homelessness is also a significant issue as over 200 million kids have no choice but to live on the streets. They need to work and survive cruel conditions. Some one million of them are even exploited, being trafficked into child sex trade or forced into hard labor.

Even HIV and AIDS have affected at least 15 million children as they were made orphans by the lethal disease. They are left to fend for themselves, with some of them having to raise their younger siblings on their own.

Understanding that helping these needy children requires massive action, the Lenexa, KS-based Westlife Family Church established the “One Life” ministry that employs child sponsorship programs geared towards providing care for orphans and the most vulnerable children in the global community.

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For more than a decade, One Life has invested in the improvement of the lives of many children in South Africa, Thailand, and India by providing them food, shelter, and spiritual guidance. From a life with a dire outlook, the children the ministry takes care of are given hope and a future.

Believing that Jesus Christ is the embodiment of love, Westside Family Church does its best to spread love to everyone – those inside the four walls of the church and outside. Learn more about the church by visiting this website.