True wealth by living for Christ and others

As Jesus preached, people should not be preoccupied with collecting treasures on earth. Wealth and material things, while necessary in the right amounts, are ultimately temporary; putting it simply, people can’t take it with them when they go to meet their Maker.

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Moreover, given that people truly do not know how long they have left to live, the single-minded pursuit of material wealth and recognition may ultimately be futile distractions to what matters in life, which can be short or drawn out.

When people put themselves and their material things above God, they end up living empty, meaningless lives, ironically making them paupers amid plenty. And this doesn’t just go to the wasteful rich man of the Lord’s parable who dies after planning his warehouse’s expansion.

A person can live an abundant, long life, and still have it rendered hollow by materialism and sin. Individuals who are preoccupied with material things (and be willing to disregard others to get them) would live a life without satisfaction, as the pleasures of this world are fleeting.

Likewise, a person may not have much in their lives. In some cases, they may not have the things that many other people take for granted every day, but because they lived lives dedicated to God and others, they are fondly remembered and honored upon their passing. Moreover, by living in service to God and others, they may find that what they truly want was with them all along, and be content with their share.

Heavenly treasure, as Christ taught, never rusts, can never be stolen, and is there forever. All it takes to accumulate it, and the happiness and contentment it brings, is to live a life centered on a living faith in Christ and service toward others.

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