The Role Doubt Plays in Christian Faith

We are not alone in doubting our faith. Many disciples and followers of the Lord went through a period of doubt, in both the Old and New Testaments – from Adam, Eve, Abraham, Jonah, and Moses to John the Baptist, Saint Thomas, and many other apostles.

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Most of Jesus’ followers turned away from him, yet he didn’t give up on any of them. Until they eventually cast away their own doubts. God created man and gave him free will, and with it the ability to both be certain and in doubt. We should face this indecision, if our faith were to become stronger. This begins with asking questions and humbling ourselves before God. The goal is humility over certainty, inquiry rather than inquisition.

It’s important that we explore our doubts both with intellectual rigor and faith. Prevalent questions like, “Is Jesus dead?” or “How can God be good if He takes away my mother?” or “Does God bring good people to hell?” should be addressed with the help of your family and church, and with a great amount of sensitivity and Biblical understanding.

Asking questions is how God prepares us to relay his love and teach others. Our own doubts can be painful experiences, but He gives us this thirst for knowledge for a reason. His truth will eventually prevail. Just as it was written in 1 Peter 3:15, when the disciples asked believers of Jesus to explain why they have hope. Because it is in asking questions that we begin the search for answers and the pursuit of that road toward hope, which is nothing if not our inviolable faith.

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