Practicing Christlikeness in welcoming people

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The shedding of the blood of Jesus on the cross made way for people to become part of God’s family. By accepting Jesus in their hearts, individuals are saved from eternal death. Belonging in God’s family means having a family that’s not related by blood, but by their salvation through Jesus Christ.

It’s almost impossible to find a church that doesn’t want to be a welcoming church. Most of the time, churches have a superficial understanding of being welcoming. In the Bible, the Apostle Paul addressed the church in Rome saying, “Welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.” Christ’s welcome exceeds a simple handshake, a sweet smile, and a warm hug.

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The way Christ welcomed people demonstrates salvation, reconciliation, and reception in God’s family. To welcome people into the family of God, Jesus had to die on the cross in place for all and rose from the dead so that each one could be welcomed by Him. Jesus did it to follow His Father’s will, receiving humankind into the family. Believers, therefore, should welcome one another into God’s family like a real family.

More than having a greeters ministry, the church must also learn to serve one another. Jesus came to serve and not to be served, sacrificing His life for many. It’s an ongoing life that Christians must live. Loving and serving one another should be the basis of welcoming one another, requiring time, sacrifice, and humility. Through the example of Jesus Christ, believers welcome individuals from all walks of life and lead them into the family of God.

Westside Family Church in Lenexa, KS, believes that everyone should live by serving the community while growing their faith in God. For more updates like this, visit this blog.


Westside Family Church: Reaching Out “One Life” At a Time

Countless children are exposed to the harsh realities of life.

Each year, the world sees more than 11 million impoverished children die of starvation. Those who avoid death, on the other hand, suffer from cognitive deficits because of malnutrition.

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Homelessness is also a significant issue as over 200 million kids have no choice but to live on the streets. They need to work and survive cruel conditions. Some one million of them are even exploited, being trafficked into child sex trade or forced into hard labor.

Even HIV and AIDS have affected at least 15 million children as they were made orphans by the lethal disease. They are left to fend for themselves, with some of them having to raise their younger siblings on their own.

Understanding that helping these needy children requires massive action, the Lenexa, KS-based Westlife Family Church established the “One Life” ministry that employs child sponsorship programs geared towards providing care for orphans and the most vulnerable children in the global community.

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For more than a decade, One Life has invested in the improvement of the lives of many children in South Africa, Thailand, and India by providing them food, shelter, and spiritual guidance. From a life with a dire outlook, the children the ministry takes care of are given hope and a future.

Believing that Jesus Christ is the embodiment of love, Westside Family Church does its best to spread love to everyone – those inside the four walls of the church and outside. Learn more about the church by visiting this website.